Lisa Marie Asaro


I grew up with an eating disorder that stuck around for many years. I was back and forth to the hospital and on my death bed many times, with heart issues and weighing in around 85lbs. When I turned 18, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I made the changes myself and got myself together. I got off medication and started forcing myself to eat, take vitamins, drink water, gain weight, and get my health back. It was a mental struggle and a physical one, but I knew if I didn't force myself, no one else was going to.

I channeled my obsession with food and weight into a positive habit and passion for fitness. I did the research and surrounded myself with other people who were into health and fitness. I was doing everything to be the best at what I loved. I started lifting weights and building my body around 21 or 22 years old. It wasn't until shortly after when I met my husband Keegan Bailey, that I took my fitness to a new level. He introduced me to Rich Piana and we would sit and watch his videos in the morning while we ate breakfast, and pull bits of information out to apply to our everyday life. That's a big reason why this sponsorship means so much to me, because Rich was a huge inspiration to myself and my husband. I started training for real gains, working till failure, incorporating progressive overload and volume into my workouts, and changing rest times, tempos, and the times I ate my meals.

This changed my body, and I saw the results FAST. This only fueled my passion more and I started posting more on social media to help other people, and provide an area where people could educate themselves if they wanted advice on health and fitness. Starting in September, I am going into a serious building phase to prepare for a bodybuilding show coming spring and summer of 2022. I get an incredible number of women reaching out to me, asking for advice and help because what they see online and in magazines just isn't working. What motivates me to share my life and fitness journey with people is showing them that you don't need to do the crazy diets, starve, do tons of cardio, etc.

I just want to share the truth and not the lies, see people succeed and help people find refuge in fitness like I did.

Professional and Fitness Experience:

Professionally, I am in sales in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I manage two locations of a rental business and have been doing that for about 4 years. I also travel on weekends to shows and conventions to sell wellness products like massage guns and tens units to help all kinds of people with aches, pains, injuries and also helping them improve their workouts and recovery regimen.

Fitness wise, I have been working out seriously for about three years and I am on my way to being a certified personal trainer, but have never worked in the fitness industry. It's only a personal passion for me and my husband. We plan to compete in bodybuilding NPC shows next year.